A series of conversations, lectures & case studies focused on video game music and sound design.

Game Music Connect has been created by BAFTA Award-winning composer James Hannigan and acclaimed game audio director & composer John Broomhall to celebrate and explore the amazing music of video games and the extraordinary talent behind it.

Created primarily for amateur, pro or semi-pro composers – from any musical background or industry – Game Music Connect’s inaugural event took place on 9th September 2013 at the Southbank Centre, London, offering a rare, if not unique, opportunity to hear several of the world’s leading games industry composers and audio directors assembled in one place to talk about creating music for games – from both the composer perspective and that of the developers and publishers who work with them.

Along with host John Broomhall (Forza 5, Transport Tycoon, X-COM) and James Hannigan (Harry Potter, Command and ConquerDead Space 3), Game Music Connect speakers have so far have included industry luminaries such as Steve Schnur (Electronic Arts), Marty O’Donnell (HaloDestiny), Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s CreedHitman), Jason Graves (Dead SpaceEvolve), Olivier Deriviere (Remember Me), Garry Schyman (Bioshock), Darrell Alexander (COOL Music), Richard Jacques (James Bond 007: Bloodstone), Joris De Man (Killzone), Alastair Lindsay (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), Jessica Curry (The Chinese Room), Paul Lipson (Microsoft), Stephen Lord (Jagex), Prof. Stephen Deutsch(Bournemouth University), David Housden (Thomas Was Alone), Simon Ashby (Audiokinetic), Nick Ryan (Papa Sangre) and Adele Cutting (SoundCuts).

You don’t need to be a composer or industry professional to be a part of Game Music Connect. Fans of soundtracks and, indeed, anyone with an interest in music for the games medium are more than welcome at any Game Music Connect event. We hope to see you soon!

Game Music Connect event sponsors and partners have included:

“Game Music Connect is an international summit that understands gaming’s global development and is not afraid to confront the creative and economic challenges of the very near future. My 2014 keynote shared an analytical history of how EA changed the sound and impact of game music, and what we all – as executives, artists and fans – must now do to ensure the medium’s continued evolution. It had a lot people talking, and I hope it started them composing, too. The conference was – and I believe will remain — an important annual event for our industry.”

– Steve Schnur – Worldwide Executive, Music – Electronic Arts

“I think it gives [composers] a really strong idea of the sort of values required, building relationships, working really hard, being passionate about what it is that you do. So I hope that some of the aspiring composers really take that on board as much as any technical knowledge and practical how-tos.”

– Dan Bardino – Director, Creative Services Group WWS, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

“My experience at the inaugural Game Music Connect was spectacular. The audience was engaged and knowledgeable. The other panelists were collegial and friendly. James Hannigan and John Broomhall are two of the most talented and, more importantly, nicest composers in the business today. I hope to be invited back again someday.”

– Marty O’Donnell,Composer (Halo & Destiny), Audio Director/Principal, Highwire Games

“The inaugural Game Music Connect was a smashing success, and a premier opportunity to gather the brightest ears and minds in game audio together in elegant fashion.  John and James facilitated open and honest discourse, and allowed speakers to share their vision with an intelligent, engaged audience.  Game Music Connect is perfect for all skills levels and professional backgrounds, and I wouldn’t hesitate to participate again.”

– Paul Lipson, Senior Audio Director – Publishing, 343 Industries/Microsoft Studios

“The great thing about events like this is that you can learn so much. Somebody came up to me earlier and said I’ve learned more today than I did in a year’s course at university. I think that says it all.”

– Darrell Alexander, Composer Agent/Founder, COOL Music

“Game Music Connect is unique. Having a full day event dedicated to video game music with some of the industry’s top composers and Audio Directors is not to be missed. Lifting the lid on how both composers and developers work together will give a rare insight for anyone wanting to get into the industry or even if they just have an interest in video game music.”

– Alastair Lindsay, Music Production Manager at SCE Worldwide Studios

“We have an entire day dedicated to music for games. I know that sounds very simple but the bottom line is there aren’t that many [events] in the world that do that.”

– Jason Graves two-time BAFTA award-winning composer (Dead Space, Tomb Raider, Evolve, The Order: 1886)

“The video game music industry’s event of the year”


“I had a fascinating time speaking and being interviewed at last years Game Music Connect. All of the speakers brought their unique ideas and experiences to the table and I found myself not only contributing but learning a great deal as well. One of the best parts however was finding the opportunity to meet and talk with all of the interesting and talented attendees. I highly recommend this event to anyone interested in the field of composing for games.”

– Garry Schyman, BAFTA award-winning composer (BioShock Infinite)

“These kinds of events are so good to explain how we do things, how the business works, how as a composer they can break into the industry, about a lot of technical advances that they may not know much about or even be aware of. And we’re here to help build community spirit and educate the audience, to share common goals and practices to evolve and push the industry forward.”

– Richard Jacques, BAFTA and Ivor Novello nominated composer (007: Blood Stone, Mass Effect)

“I really recommend going, it was such a great event.”

– Jesper Kyd, BAFTA award-winning composer (Assassin’s Creed, Hitman)

“Game Music Connect was much better than I anticipated in regard to interactivity with the guest speakers. It was more open and relaxed and overall a great vibe. It’s good to meet others in the same situation as yourself to know that you’re not alone when the long hours in the studio seem relentless and hard. James and John did a great job and I would recommend anyone interested in gaming music, or composition or even just video games in general to attend! Here’s to Game Music Connect 2014!”

– Andrew Overfield, Composer

“I came to Game Music Connect last year and I found it really inspiring, especially talking about interactive music which we don’t get so much in film. So I came back for some more of that inspiration and maybe a guiding hand to some of it as well.”

– Fraya Thomsen, Composer

“I’m here because I’ve just come out of a masters at the Royal College of Music and I really want to focus on music for video games. The panel here is incredible, a really prolific panel. I really wanted to see the shape of the industry and how it’s moving forward.”

– Sam Dudley, Composer

“Game Music Connect was like no event I have ever been to before. The talent both on and off the stage made the event so unique and worth every penny spent. I almost expected some sessions to be quite ‘nerdy’ but in actual fact it was quite the opposite, both informative and easy to understand. Needless to say Game Music Connect far surpassed my expectations. A great day, with great people, all enjoying what we all love best, the art of video game music.”

– Doug Waters, Composer

“Game Music Connect was an amazing event that offers a unique insight into composing within the video games industry and the challenges it offers. I loved every minute of it and there was such a range of knowledge and advice on offer from different perspectives that was helpful in understanding the industry. I hope this is the first of many!”

– Alex Jones, Composer

 “Game Music Connect was a breath of fresh air, I found the demeanour and passion of the panelists incredibly engaging and refreshing. It’s perfectly evident that the games industry – whilst a global business – has essentially evolved due to the passion and engagement of both its creatives and end users. It’s completely different from the film and TV world – perhaps due to having developed from the computer business rather than the entertainment industry. I’ll definitely be returning next year….”

– Nick Norton-Smith, Composer